Articles Worth Your Time

I am going to use this page to collect articles I have found on the internet that have really left an impression on me. Considering the internet is made up of 98% porn and 1.999999% Rebecca Black, they can be hard to find otherwise...

The "Three Levels" of 40k Game Play ... Getting Out of the Probability Kiddie Pool
When you play well... dice have nothing to do with it.

Playing to Win: Part 1
First part of a book written by a competitive eSports player.

The Yes the Truth Hurts Litmus Test
Is your army good enough? If this thing looks like a horror show to face, the answer is a resounding, 'No.'

Strategy: Who is the Gun Line?
Coming in with one plan for your army is a bad idea, because you cannot beat someone who does it better.

So You Wanna Get Good at 40k?
A little anecdote that helped me change how I viewed the game. If what you are doing is not working, getting some outside perspective can help. Maybe netlists are not all bad...